Congratulations Daniel K!

Paramount Tall Club of Chicago Scholarship Award Winner

Daniel is a Riverside-Brookfield High School Senior—his application essay follows

     Being tall has definitely been an advantage in my life. In fact, I don’t recall a time in my life when I believed being tall was an unfavorable circumstance. However, I am only six foot and three inches tall. I would guess that being seven feet tall might come with its drawbacks.

Being tall has given me many opportunities to succeed athletically. I have played baseball my entire life, and currently I am trying to play at the collegiate level, either at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or Cornell University. I also play basketball through my church.  Church league basketball is very laid back but also very competitive. Typically on the baseball diamond and the basketball court I am the tallest player or close to it. As a pitcher, being tall has allowed me to naturally throw harder; long arms and long legs allow for more velocity with less energy put into the movement. Not only does it help me throw harder, being tall is actually an intimidation factor. No batter wants to face a pitcher who towers over them. My tall, lengthy frame has also opened up multiple opportunities for me to play baseball in college. On the basketball court, being tall helps with my rebounding skills and my ability to create space for myself to score easily. It has made a significant impact on my team, and my teammates rely on me to score, rebound, and be a threat on defense.

Within society, there are certain qualities and traits that are more desirable than others. Being tall is one of those traits. That being said, whenever I meet someone new, or I see someone who I have not seen since I was young, it is no coincidence that the first thing they notice about me is my height. Almost on a daily basis I am told something to do with my height, and normally it is a compliment. The fact that I am taller than most human beings allows me to be socially acceptable much easier. Often times people seek out height in a person. Coaches always look for taller guys, especially in the two sports I play – basketball and baseball – and women tend to be more attracted to taller men. If you ask a girl “what are a few things you look for in a guy?” ‘tall’ is almost always a response.

One of the most famous historical figures in the United States, George Washington, is often known for being tall. When learning about Washington in history classes, his height is normally mentioned. Of course, this is for a reason, and that reason is because his height and prominent figure were significant to the people he led. Because of his height, the colonists saw him as a strong leader. Most people did not know much about Washington, but they knew he was tall and that verified him amongst the people.

Being tall has helped me with my confidence, my athletic ability, and makes me more desirable within society. It truly is a great quality to have, and I am sure most other people who are tall would conquer.