Bike Ride Saturday 4/20/24

Two people showed up for “this not-to-be-missed event.”  Tall Club Wannabe “Linda,” (my sister) & Yours truly,  Somewhat cool and a bit overcast.  The bike path wasn’t crowded and the scenery was beautiful.    I was in a “honking,” mood, surprise surprise.   Linda told me that I didn’t have to honk because the trains are always honking.   We saw some flocks of geese apparently returning from the North, not only that, but by honking (my bike horns) I can carry on a conversation with them.

Parts of the bike trail are composed of loose sand, making the ride treacherous.  Believe it or not we ran into clouds of tiny little bugs, that really didn’t taste that good. Unfortunately, my honking did not scare them away.  My total bike ride mileage for 2024 is around 122 miles right now, a long way from 1,000 miles, which I always accomplish eventually.  Every year when I start riding, I think, how can I ever do this?  When I start I’m doing 6-8 MPH, pretty pathetic, and I’m pumping as hard as I can.  On 4/20 Linda & I were going 10-11 MPH, its amazing how out of shape I get during the winter.

Ace Reporter