Football Playoff Watch Party 1/29/2024

It was a blustery +16° F, on January 29th, when I arrived; that place is gigantic and crowded! 9 People showed up for “this last minute event!” Tall Club Members: – Milanne B, Johnny A, Jim N, and yours truly and Tall Club Wannabe’s Liz, Tina, Evil Al, Marty M and Dave S. The food was “OK,” the prices were ridiculous. A bucket of 5 Miller Lites was $22 for a bucket of five, (plus a $0.25 tip). The pizza we ended up with was enormous, we sucked that up in no time.

Not being a Bear’s game, I couldn’t wear my famous, “Bear’s Hat!” Like Tina told me, “I didn’t know you were that bald!” Lots of jokes at this festive occasion, we didn’t get to sing the “Bear’s Fight Song!” You wouldn’t have been able to hear us very well anyway, if we did sing it, besides being incredibly crowded with patrons; it was really noisy and I’m a noisy guy! As usual, the rubber roaches made a big hit with neighboring tables.

Marty, who is in is non-ending quest for the Tall Club Presidency remarked, if I ever became Paramount President everyone would have to laugh at my jokes! Plus, the lavish Tall Club expense account is a strong enticement for me to run (I may have embellished this to some extent).

The men’s washroom has a TV! So, when I lost “The Walk of Shame,” I had the difficult choice of either standing in the washroom and watching the Simpsons or return with all my buddies to watch the ongoing football Games.

The Texans lost the first game 10-31 to the Baltimore Ravens; Milanne was heartbroken her beloved Texans lost. I left after watching half of Green Bay-San Fransisco Game, Green Bay eventually lost in a close one 23-27 (I think) it was (+9° F when I left, the reason I left is, I couldn’t sit any longer, if I was a Chicken I would’ve laid an egg by now!