Bears Watch Party 1/7/2024

The time for the football game was changed to start at 3:30 PM kickoff, 2 days before the kickoff. This worked to my advantage because I had to pick up my daughter and my grandchildren at Midway Airport at 1:30 PM which ended up being around 2:30 PM.  So, I arrived at the American Legion about 15 minutes late.   5 people attended “this last, not to be missed, Bears game, of the 2023 season.”  Tall Club Members were Johnny A and yours truly; Tall Club wannabes were  Tina, Evil Al, and Dave S.

Dave S brought chili for the chili contest, which we found out later had already taken place, I was misinformed that the delay in the Bears game would culminate in a delay of the Chili Contest.  I was in “hot water; due to my misinformation, because Dave S chili was truly delicious and Dave wanted to win the chili cook-off!   As usual, the Bears were totally destroyed by the Packers once again (17 – 9). We didn’t even get a chance to sing “The Bear’s Fight Song.”  

One of the Bar Maid’s asked Tina, “How come you are escorted by 4 men?”  She replied,” Oh I was at one of those charity bachelor auction events, where you bid on a guy to fix something.  I only had $2.00, so this is what I ended up with. All four of them!”   Some of the services we’re capable of providing would be drinking massive amounts of beer, eating lots of food, yelling, joketelling, and flirting with older women who need a new pair of glasses.   

One of the events going on simultaneously with the Bear’s game was the “Queen Of Hearts,” game which had an $11,700.00 pot at the time. For $6.00 we got 2 red tickets, a white ticket, a yellow ticket, and a blue ticket. They called out the numbers for the red tickets and yellow tickets, but nothing else, which was a mystery to me.  I looked to see if my white ticket said, “Ferris Wheel,” or something, which it didn’t.  At any rate, nobody won the $11,700 pot, of this bogus hyped-up sucker game.

Ace Reporter.