Xmas Dinner Dance 12/2/2023

Paramount’s Holiday Happening dinner/dance was held at Villaggio Ristorante in Roselle on December 2.  Villaggio’s was properly decked out in Christmas finery. Garlands and lights adorned every nook and cranny.  The food was good and priced reasonably, but the liquor prices were

ridiculous. If I managed to get drunk at this place (if I drank my typical 20 beers), I would have ended up in the “POORHOUSE. ” It cost $8.00 for a 12-ounce beer!

Per Dawn’s request to “dress to impress” everyone was wearing their “go out and party” finest. Both Nan and Milanne commented on the suit I was wearing stating that, I looked like “a used car salesman.”

Still, this pales in comparison to Dave’s assessment of his outfit, which was that “Dave looks like a cat house operator either at Christmas or on Valentine’s   Day.” I  think Dave S. was the “flashiest” dresser, hands down with his bright red Christmas Santa hat, wearing a cat patterned sports coat (I was jealous)!

Some people couldn’t believe, and were disappointed,  that I didn’t wear my singing and dancing Christmas hat!

I explained that I would wear it to the Paramount Tall Club monthly meeting. It always adds merriment to a  festive season.  

Twenty-five attended this “not to be missed” event. In addition to Paramount Tall Club members Dave  Knehr, Linda Huege, Mary Partyka, Roger Obency, Amy Burkard, Mary Johnsen, Krystyna Kaczor, Jean  Arzbaecher, Jim Nelson, Barbara Smith, Michelle McNicholas, Bob DeFoe, Dawn Picciuolo, John Aylward,  Milanne Bancroft, Nan Starr, Ken Budz, Dan Barszcz and myself, significant others and non-members Steve  Picciuolo (Dawn’s husband), Mel Barszcz (Dan’s wife) and David Sanborn were joined by Dave R. and Barry U. from Milwaukee’s Tall Club and Dave J from Mad Town Talls. 

As usual, Paramount dominated the tiny dance floor, where tall club members had the opportunity to show off their latest dance moves (except when stepping on someone else’s foot). And being tall, we also tend to have big feet. I was pleasantly surprised by the two women singers, the entertainers Lulu and Kim were really good. Their first set of songs was all slow, elevator-type music, while their second set was all lively “Toe  

Tappers.” The singers were really interactive with us, which made this event very entertaining. The lead singer walked around the restaurant, singing with her wireless microphone, so I never knew where she was; I almost asked her to “hold my beer,” while I danced with the Tall Club ladies.  

She gave Paramount some “air time.” As she was working her way into her next song, she asked our group who was the tallest.

That would be Dave R. from the Milwaukee Tall Club. His response to the question “How tall are you?” was 5’ 27.” She asked what our organization was about, and although Amy didn’t exactly grab the mic, she was close enough to explain that the women are all 5’10” or taller and the men are all 6’2” or taller. Amy mentioned that this is a group that likes to  have fun and do social things, but was quick to add,  “We do charity work too.”  Barb Smith handed some of the new business cards we had around our tables over to Amy who gave them to the singer. Who knows?  Maybe we’ll see some new faces at the next meeting due to that promo Lulu (or was it Kim?!) gave Paramount that night.