November Birthdays @ White Fence Farm 11/11/2023

The first surprise I got was when I typed “White Fence Farm,” on Google Maps. There are a whole bunch of White Fence Farms (I thought there was only one). We met at the BIG one in Romeoville.  8 people showed up for this “not to be missed,” event.   Members Linda & Dave K, Jean & Pat C,  Big Shot Dawn P, Bob (Trainwreck) H, yours truly, and Tall Club Wannabe Steve P. 

White Fence Farm was in full Christmas Mode. That restaurant is so BIG you could get lost in it (a great place to play hide & seek).   Being an official Birthday Dinner, I brought some official “Pointy Hats,” to this event which disappeared, when I took some photos to commemorate this gala event.  

I was surprised that Jean C was still wearing her “Frankenstein,” foot   She said she wanted to continue wearing it. For example, if she was at a fancy restaurant and her husband, Pat, snuck some beets on her plate while Jean had to powder her nose, the Frankenstein foot would come in handy to provide a good revenge lesson “kick-in-the pants,” for trying to pull something like that.   I also told Dawn that I was already out of reform school before she was even born. 

We sang Happy Birthday twice. The first time was to harmonize with a neighboring table and the second time was for Jean  (now 27 years old) & Dawn (23 years old).  I asked Dawn “How come Home Depot doesn’t even have a Santa Claus?”  She replied,” Even if they did, all I would get would be a stocking full of coal anyway!”  

Bob Trainwreck, regretfully, has already put his backyard trains away for the season. Last summer we visited Bob’s amazing backyard train layout and the Tall club provided “train noises” to provide an authentic train atmosphere. Unfortunately, all trains incorporated chug-chugged sounds whether they were steam trains, diesels, or even electric streetcars, because that was one of the few train noises we knew how to make.  We made so many train noises at that event Bob’s neighbors couldn’t hear their TVs, and you could hurt yourself making steam whistle sounds.   

Linda K works at O’Hare, many museums have ancient aircraft hanging from their ceilings, O’Hare is the only airport I know of that has a Dinosaur skeleton,  and what a skeleton it is!  An exact replica of an actual Argentinosaurs, (guess where they found it).  If you ever see it you’ll never forget the plaster monstrosity, the largest land animal that ever existed.  Linda K also stated that O’Hare is NOT going to give the  Argentinosaurs to the Field Museum, finders keepers.   A funny gag would be to put one of those giant Halloween skeletons under one of Argentinosaurs’ feet. Easy to say but impossible to do, plus even if I could do it I’d be facing jail time!   

Like magic, the missing Pointy Birthday Hats showed up at the last minute making this event even more memorable. I rate the food as “good.” There was plenty of it (belly buster) proportions, and prices were not bad either. I actually got a $2 discount for paying with cash at the cash register (maybe it was because I left a huge quarter tip).

Ace Reporter