September 17, 2023 Bears Game Watch Party

3 members showed up for this “not to be missed event,”  Tall members;- Dave K, Johnny A, and yours truly we kinda had a tall club wannabe 5’-0” Beth she couldn’t find a chair so she was forced to sit with us, which was quite an honor for her.  The bad news Bears lost as usual; 17 to Tampa’s 27, two opportunities to sing the “Bears Fight Song,” which I partook in only on one occasion!    (maybe they should rename the Bears to El-Stinko)  It was a challenge hanging unto Johnny’s empty chair (because he arrived late), Manny’s was “packed!”  The food was 100 times better than Salt Creek Golf, they had a Bear’s special Chicken Hero Sandwich with Greek potatoes for $10.00. I was drinking 24 Oz Miller Lite drafts for $4.00, so I was in heaven.

Johnny has all kinds of Irish photos, most of his pictures included Johnny sucking on a Guinness!  Pictures included Johnny standing next to a 100 Lb bag of Irish potatoes, Johnny holding a box of Lucky Charms, Johnny smiling next to bar of Irish Spring soap, Johnny kissing the Blarney Stone upside down style, then there was a close-up of a wooden floor, Johnny said that occurred when I fell off a bar stool, that wasn’t attached to the floor.  Johnny steering a 95’ long (built in) 1800 square rigger reconstructed sailing ship, they wouldn’t let me steer the boat after I yelled, “Hoist the mainsail, swab the poop-deck, then prepare to fire a broadside, starboard,”  that’s the part that pissed them off.  Johnny has lots of Irish cousins;- he’s loaded with relatives over there, and most of them wouldn’t “put me up for the night (referring to me as a freeloader),” so I had to stay in a fleabag hotel, I guess I could’ve slept on a park bench.

In Ireland Johnny was in “Bum-Town“ at Conley O’ Shay’s, a “Gin Mill,” they had an Irish band consisting of a Bag Pipe, Flute & a Harp (Ireland remember), they were asking for requests so Johnny requested, “I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover,” guess what; they never heard of it, imagine that!  Back to Manny’s, none of us won any half-time prizes, and  I could’ve used a Bears “Cutler,” Jersey!  Swanky remodeled washrooms at Manny’s, I could hardly wait to take, “The Walk Of Shame.”   Also of note, Manny himself complimented me on my “Bears hat!”  Manny did not compliment me on the singing of the “Bear’s Fight Song.”

Ace Reporter