Chicago Air and Water Show

August 18, 2023


It was a perfect day to be lakeside. You missed out if you didn’t come out to Chicago’s 2023 Air and Water Show. Steve and I  have found the perfect spot to watch the “Air” part of the show;  under shade trees just outside the east gate of the Lincon Park Zoo.  

We decided to take the Metra into the city and the CTA over to the zoo. As there was a Cubs game that day, we saw plenty of fans headed to the game. 

We stopped at Cafe Bauer, just outside the south end of the zoo for brunch as the show began.  We then loaded up our camping chairs and walked through the zoo. Across the parking lot of the east gate, we found a great spot under some oak trees near the east lagoon, to watch the show. We munched on snacks and drank plenty of water. The restrooms were just a two-minute walk back inside the zoo. I listened to the shows broadcast on the radio through my phone; so, I knew the names of the pilots, the airplanes they were flying, and their ETAs as they took off from Gary Airport. We stayed until the end after the Blue Angels did their final flyovers. We grabbed pizza at Union Station for dinner before heading back home — Hope you’ll join us next year!!