Chicago Bears Watch Party 09/10/2023

Season Opener, Salt Creek Golf Course

6 People showed up for this “not to be missed event, including Two Tall Club Members (Milanne and yours truly), and 4 Tall Club Wannabes (Tina, Evil Al, Marty M, and Dave S).  It was good seeing Marty. I haven’t seen him in close to a year!  So we talked about all our medical problems & procedures over the past year, as we saved a table and waited for the other people to finish off their golf game. This really wasn’t necessary. There were empty tables throughout this event.  Marty M. & I didn’t even ask them their golf scores, because we wouldn’t have believed it anyway.  In the future if we’re ever in need of a “President,” Marty said he would do it, but we’d have to lower our height requirements from 6’ 2” to 4’ 2”.  Marty said, “If I was Present I would allow Dancing, Yelling, and Yodeling at all Tall Club Monthly Meetings, which would add some merriment to those meetings.”  The other 4 people who played Golf, said they were starving, upon arriving. 

The “Buffet,” cost $20 for an “all you Care To Eat,” Buffet.  I’d give the Buffet a rating somewhere between Awful and Horrible. I’m mad at myself for even eating it. I should have thrown my entire plate into the Dumpster!  A bucket of 5 Miller Lite beers was $24.  The price of attending these Gala football events has gone up. However, the beer still tasted fine. 

I brought 3 rubber roaches to this event. Evil Al was in his element, as he stuck one on a neighboring table, and one next to the pizza at the Buffet. A live cockroach in the pizza would’ve doubled the amount of meat in that meat lovers’ pizza!  Most men ignored the roaches, but the women were a different story. Their reactions were, to say the least, hilarious! 

Milanne & Tina don’t bat an eye at my rubber roaches anymore.  Then Evil Al tells everyone, “I’m the one who brought them.”  So, I was famous for being a gagster, and likely a “nut job.” 

The Bears lost 18 to 30 and were entirely dominated by Greenbay with their brand new quarterback somebody “Love.”  It’s amazing the Bears quarterback Fields, seems to be getting worse over time.  Then again the Bears’ “offensive line,” lived up to their namesake by being truly offensive. On the bright side, we got to sing the “Bears Fight Song” twice, even though it’s embarrassing being a Bears fan.   I’d say there were over 100 spectators at Salt Creek Football event when the game started, but by half time that number was 10, and we were the last people who stayed until the bitter end in hopes of singing “The Bears Fight Song again (which didn’t happen). 

Ace Reporter