Hillside Concert 08/22/2023

It was quite hot, 89 degrees F, when the Simply Sound band performed at 5:30 PM.  Simply Sound has only two band members, but the music they played was amazing, sounding like a 7 piece band with 4 singers!  Apparently, they use a lot of electronic prerecorded music.  The lady was just a singer while the other band member would occasionally blow on a Kazoo or Triangle, or maybe bang on a drum every once in a while.  I asked Dave S, “How can they sound so good and make so much noise when nobody is doing much?” He said, “Magic!” 

Like a dope, I forgot my earplugs. It wasn’t bad when Simply Sound was playing, but horrible when Elvis performed. They really cranked up the volume. Was it a possible ploy to entice me to “like” the Elvis (Shawn Trust) more than Simply Sound?  Actually I “liked,” both of the performances.    Elvis must’ve handed out 300 scarves, but to get one would require a misguided mostly female Elvis fan to stand near the stage. To do that, a fan would have to endure standing within 25’ of these 12-foot gigantic speakers blasting your eardrums without mercy (similar to a “Tom Jones,” concert).  The 7 member band sang a lot of Elvis’s old songs, and he truly sounded a lot like Elvis. He shook like “Elvis the Pelvis,” as well, adding merriment to this event. 

We had so much food the table could barely hold it.  We were informed how “lucky” we were to attend this concert free while other Shawn Krush (concerts) charge as much as $89 a ticket to watch the same concert!   The cost of this extravagant concert was paid for NOT by taxing the voting populace of Hillside, but instead using the Motel-Hotel Hillside Taxes to pay for this not-to-be-missed event entirely. In Hillside they don’t leave a mint under your pillow during a Hotel or Motel stay over, saving thousands of dollars.  It cooled off to a ‘balmy’ 81 F at the conclusion of the concert.  One thing I truly missed is the “Elvis has left the building“ comment, at the conclusion of the concert.  

Ace Reporter