Seventh Heaven Concert 08/08/2023

7 People showed up for this “not to be missed event”-  Tall Club Members;- Marilyn S, Milanne, Cliff and yours truly and Tall Club “Wannabe’s’” Tina, Evil All, and Dave S.

Dave handed me a Mexican Beer for my drinking pleasure, it had a very weird name; ” LAG-UNIT-ASK!” Which must mean something In Mexican, like, “Don’t Cross Your Legs (beer).” It’s a hoppy beer I actually liked somewhat, but still no comparison to “Rolling Rock” beer.” I got to this double concert early. I left my apartment at 4:20 PM as I was expecting horrible rush hour traffic. To my surprise, it wasn’t much different from when I leave at 6 PM!  I got there early at 5 PM because I wanted to hear both bands, the first one being Serendipity (Milanne’s favorite!).  Cliff was the first person at this event, and Tina & Evil Al were the last.  I could only find one ear plug, and both bands were the loudest bands of the year!  So when I get back to my place; there’s the missing ear plug lying on my stoop.  At the concert, Evil Al said “Why not just crazy glue them into your ears, so you won’t lose them?”  I took a pass on that idea.

I asked Marilyn how she enjoyed  Lollapalooza, to which she replied, “Why would I go to that?”  I guess  Lollapalooza isn’t that popular at Paramount. Why pay hundreds of dollars $$$ to hear bands you don’t like when all suburbs have free concerts everywhere with better bands?  Normally at these Hillside concerts, they have a tent set up in the middle of the enormous audience, and everyone claps when they give credit to the knob turner and button pusher who resides in this tent that he’s doing such a memorable job, blasting out our ear drums.  This time no tent. Remarkable! Maybe his job has been automated by Artificial Intelligence with the volume turned way up.  Two bands played, Serendipity and Seventh Heaven. Well over half of Seventh Heaven’s songs I never heard before. My guess is they are now promoting their own songs which, in my opinion, stink.  Seventh Heaven, also instead of singing 30 songs in 30 minutes sang 48 songs not in 30 minutes as advertised, but in 32 minutes!  Serendipity, meanwhile, was terrific. I knew all their songs, but it is no longer an “all-female band.” They now have a male drummer, an enviable job surrounded by 4 rock & roll lovelies.

Ace Reporter