Hillside Concert: The Voices, 8/01/2023

August 1st Hillside Concert; The Voices;-  8 People showed up to this “not to be missed event.” This included: Tall Club Members, Milanne, Cliff, and yours truly, plus Tall Club Wannabes Tina, Evil Al, Dave S, Linda C, and Liz.  Lots of food. The first time “The Voices” performed at Hillside, I’d say in the first 45 Minutes of their performance I knew 3 Songs, and the rest I never heard before. This one guy sang “Falsetto,” with a very squeaky voice. I’m no singer, but to me, they didn’t harmonize very well with the squeaker, so I’m glad I had my earplugs in.   The last 45 minutes were totally different, with nobody singing Falsetto and I knew pretty much all the songs. They sang “Motown,” Temptations, Lou Rawls, Barry White songs, and some real toe tappers!  

In my opinion, they really weren’t that “hot,” overall. The announcer told us who all the vendors were and who supported the Hillside Concert Series (as always). I didn’t see anybody writing this information down, however. Again because it was a two-concert series, I missed “Al Spears,” Cliff, Tina, Evil Al, and Dave S heard this performance. So they saved us our spot “early,” among the huge mob who attended this event. I have no opinion but to hear Spears I would’ve had to fight rush hour traffic. Being late (7 PM), I had to once again park far away, and I had to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I could find my car at the conclusion of the Voices concert.  We stayed after the concert, giving me the opportunity to tell some jokes. The women all talked together and we men talked together. I have no earthly idea what the women talk about, other than they sound like a “bunch of Chickens!”  We men sound much more sophisticated, mainly talking about our misspent youth.  I’m not sure what the point is in having a double concert other than making an already crowded concert even more crowded and adding to Chicagoland traffic woes during rush hour.   I asked Evil Al if he was planning on attending Lollapalooza this weekend, and he said “Why would I ever go there?”  (I still think it was a good question).  

Ace Reporter