Lions, zebras, and mammoths…Oh My!

Saturday, March 11th was a unique experience of miniature golfing through the Mt Prospect Library.  This
was a fundraising event put on by the Friends of the Library.
Each hole was sponsored and many had themes – race cars, animals, real estate, and more. A couple of
holes started down one row (with bookshelves on either side) only to curve back around the next aisle to
get to the hole. My favorite was hole #11, the walk through the land of dinosaurs followed by the close
second of the money plant hole. Pity the money wasn’t real!  
It was a busy event and we split into two teams of five. Somehow all those who play golf regularly were
all on one team and made it through the holes quicker than the rest of us. You could tell they were
serious when Milanne and Dave brought their own putters.
It was a fun morning. The only ones who made a hole-in-one, throughout the 18-hole course around the
library, were Mary P and Mel B. And funnily enough, this was on the same hole! A few of us made a
hole-in-one on the 19th hole and took home a small stuffed animal as our prize.
Golf attendees were: 
Wandering through the library and playing all 18 holes created an appetite   A smaller group of us then
walked to Emerson’s Ale House for a late lunch. We were joined by Dave and Linda K, after their
morning shift at the food pantry. Together we enjoyed good food and conversation.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Competition