Bike Ride: June 18, 2022

Today was supposed to be a boat ride on Johnny’s yacht. Jonny nixed that idea. “No dice, the waves are too high, choppy water ends in motion sickness and excessive bailing, ” he says. We were supposed to watch the 2022 Sailing SHip race. Johnny says, ” Normally, I like to ram a couple of those sailboats. But these sailboats go up to 60 MPH, while my yacht tops out at 35 MPH. Plus, I’d get into trouble because there’re a lot of people around watching the sailboats.” Those sailboats look like they are hovering above the water with their submerged wings holding them up. I asked Johnny about this. He says it’s “magic’, while Dave S. says “mirrors”.

So, instead, I went for a bike ride. The weather was perfect, around 75F. Two people attended this “not to be missed event”, my sister, Linda, and yours truly. No stifling heat today. The bike path was quite crowded so I got to honk my horn incessantly.

There’s this one spot on the bike trail where there’s a bunch of loose sand. It’s easy to fall off my bike there. The narrower your bike tires are, the more unstable it becomes. It’s somewhat challenging going over that, honking or being drunk doesn’t help. It kinda looks like I’m “clowning around” while trying to keep my balance.

I’m closing in on 500 miles. No animals unless you include a kid wearing a coon skin cap. No more honeysuckle in bloom, but plenty of Shasta Daisies, clover and thistle weeds. I do enjoy getting off my bike and sniffing the flowers, but those thistles are somewhat challenging. Unlike President Biden, I didn’t fall off my bike today.