Tommy’s Take : TALL CLUB WEEKEND; JANUARY 29-30 2022

 – Ace Reporter Tommy Castleberry  

Here’s to another fantastic weekend! I think there were around 57  people attending this “not to be missed event,” with a few wannabe’s.  

Upon arriving at the hotel, they wanted to see my COVID shot record  (required) and they put a green band on my wrist. Besides being a fashionable piece of jewelry, it notified the hotel vaccination police that I was vaccinated so I didn’t get “cuffed.”  

On Friday night my roommate Johnny dressed up as a beer can, commemorating  “Oktoberfest.” I was a pirate commemorating “Pirate’s Day,”  so I got to say a lot of ARRH’s.  I pretty much danced the night away and had a good time. I didn’t ask Johnny to dance. 

Delicious pizza ensued with unlimited booze after the dance at  “Afterhours.” You had to drink quickly because the open after bar closed at 2:00 am. That allowed you two hours to get drunk with a fancy Union hotel bartender who only used union-made ice cubes! 

Saturday, due to COVID, we ate our “all you can eat breakfast,”  apart from other hotel patrons. I suspect it’s because we’re special and very noisy and obnoxious. After that, there were lots of daily activities. Unlike in past years, there was no belching contest during breakfast. If they gave an award for singing (or more like yelling) off-key, I would’ve been a serious contender for that. 

I thought the dinner was better than previous dinners. I had salmon and it was great! There was lots to eat. I even figured out how to use a napkin! Johnny started off the after dinner speeches. I was hoping to call him on his phone during his speech and ask him what time it was, and then call him back two seconds later and ask him am or pm, however, Johnny left his phone in the hotel room intentionally to dissuade me from providing some levity during the speech and award ceremony.

Everything went off without a hitch. Although Miss Tall International, Donna Stocker, was not able to travel, she was able to join us via ZOOM on Saturday night. Jim N got Miss TCI on his phone to wish us all a good time. She was sorry that she had to miss this specular event. 

I got to dance with Sue M, the President of TCI,  so I felt like a big wig. I told  her, I know this guy  “Johnny,” that you should  kick out of the Club.” She asked, “Why?” And I replied,  “Because he’s a bum!” Sue then told me that I was the more likely one to be kicked out of the Club for being a bum!  

 Sandwiches were served at Saturday night’s  Afterhours and the bar closed at 2:00 am again. It was hard to believe that people would be hungry enough to eat again after being served so much food at a great dinner six hours earlier. 

I was excited to see my old “Tall Club buddy,” “Bob-a-reno!” You probably know him as “Greeter Extraordinaire,” Bob H! I never ever see him except at Tall Club Weekends where he watches the door to keep unwanted intruders out (I suppose he might be a  

vampire or werewolf which would explain why we don’t see him  

often). He does go to Lynfred Wineries where the Tall Club went for  

a visit on past occasions; everyone at the Winery knows “Bob-a 

reno” because of his high style and generous tipping. I get somewhat  

tipsy after imbibing at Lynfred. In addition to exotic dancing and  

love of alcohol, we both “play the stock market.” If you ever want to  

clean up in the stock market, you would do just the opposite of what  

we’re doing. Just call up your broker and say “you remember what  

that last guy told you to trade, well do just the opposite for me!”