The SKI Report…

by Dawn (Dulski) Picciuolo

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done a “SKI” report, but I feel I have to let everyone know what they missed at Paramount’s 75+1 CELEBRATION HOLIDAY WEEKEND 2022. 

Thursday, we went to Zanies Comedy Club in Rosemont. I thought the headliner was good. We had enough drivers to transport all attendees to the show from the Hotel. Thank you, Jim N, for helping  me organize and for picking up two attendees from the show and getting them back to the Hotel. 

Friday, since I had to work, I missed out on going to the Shedd Aquarium, in downtown Chicago. Hopefully, someone will have written about that. My weekend started with putting up decorations with lots of help from fellow Committee members. When 8:00 pm arrived, I was ready to party!!! The  dancing really didn’t get into full swing  until closer to 9:00 pm when the DJ played the “Electric Slide.” I grabbed  Dave J. from Madison’s  Mad Town Talls; we got it going and the dance floor filled up!! Most people stayed on the dance floor for the next song, the “Cupid Shuffle” (perfect for  Valentine’s theme). The dance floor stayed full for the rest of the night. 

I received a lot of double-takes. Here’s my funny story of the Weekend: I was standing next to two fellow Paramount members who had seen  my costume, and one asked the other “Do you know where Dawn is?” I seriously thought they were teasing me … but nooooo … They really weren’t registering in their minds that I was standing right there!!!!! LOL  

There were plenty of great costumes and the winners are pictured in the newsletter!! 

The dance ended on a high note, and everyone moved over to the hospitality room to get some pizza and drinks at after hours. I heard the room cleared around 2:00 am. 

Saturday morning, Jim N and I met in the elevator and were the first ones down to breakfast. People slowly staggered in to eat, visit, and plan their day. I made a run to Walgreens to pick up pictures of costume winners etc. and the ballroom was full of talls when I got back. I helped Weekend Chair,  Barbara S with setting up for Trivia that afternoon, but unfortunately, no one came to play. Barbara, Mel  B, Sue M and I and later Peter V,  just sat and visited. I heard that some Weekend attendees went to bowl, eat and shop at Rosemont’s entertainment area. Others went over to the River’s  Casino and some just stayed at the hotel and relaxed. 

Dinner went off without a hitch, and the people sitting with me got to see my birthday present to myself, only one at my table who has one.  Then awards and recognitions were presented. Dancing commenced following dinner and presentations. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well and had to miss most of the dancing. 

Sandwiches and chips were served at Saturday night Afterhours and there was an  Anniversary cake to enjoy for dessert. Sunday was time to say goodbye to all old and new friends over breakfast then it was off to the hospitality room for me to clean up;  mostly the decorations for me. I want to thank Mary J and Amy B who helped with decorations!!  Couldn’t have done it without you!! 

Overall, I had a great time seeing many of my PTC and TCI friends I’ve missed the past two years. I hope to see you in 2023!!