A Message from the President . . .  3/22/2022

To all who came to the Weekend, thanks for coming. It was fun. And if you missed it, I hope to see you next year.  

We had the Winter Picnic three weeks ago and that was fun. Thank you Milanne  B for hosting it. We had over 30 people there and a lot of food, beer, and just good fun. And yes it was cold. There were people there that I had not seen in a long time. With two campfires going, the cold was not too bad, you just had to make sure you had layers of clothing on to enjoy it.  

This past Sunday, March the 13th, we attended the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The weather was good, and I think St. Patrick took pity on the downtown parade and gave us on the South Side a better day; long live the Irish.  

This month we will talk about elections. I am not going to run for a 4th term. I don’t have the time anymore to do this. I work in the food delivery business, and with everything opening up, I end up working long hours. Summer is coming and I’d like to spend more time on my boat. With gas prices going thru the roof, I  won’t go boat riding as much, but I will still use it. All the positions on the Board will be open. If you want to see changes in the Club and have an interest in this, try it.  

The Scholarship is coming along fine. Jim N is doing a good job on it.  

The first Sunday in May will be the Founder’s Day Brunch. If you are free, come out and join us. Specifics will be posted in the newsletter.  

The Marfan walk is scheduled for May this year. The exact date and place will be posted in the newsletter.  Our Club Roster is in the last stages of being finished up. You should see that in the near future.  If you are free this Summer, think about going to the Convention this year. It’s going to be held in  Providence, RI. This is a great place to go in the Summer. For details, check your newsletter.  Lastly, say a prayer for Ukraine. They need all the help they can get. John