October, 9: Car Show Event in Morris, IL

Old Johnny Boy missed this fantastic event because he was in Portland OR visiting relatives and trying to get sympathy for his injured wrist (while at the tall club we just think of him as a klutz). Four people were at this event; Milanne B.t, Dave S. (tall club wannabe), Danny (A yahoo drinking buddy of Dave’s and Tall Club Wannabe), and Yours Truly. 

Dave showed me his arm that got injured while he was playing, “Tarzan at work,” at 32 feet in the air. It’s a small bump, I told him it was about the size of “bumps,” I use to get when I was married and my Ex would bop me in the head with a frying pan for “pissing” her off about something. Dave S gave me a frozen Coors, from his minivan. You wouldn’t believe all the stuff in his minivan. Typically there’s not enough room for Milanne to sit in his minivan. Frozen Beers are always a good gag, because of all the foam that comes out. 

This was truly a gigantic car show with over 600 cars. Johnny Boy would’ve been in his element even though he’d rather go and see an expensive car show at McCormick Place, unlike that this car show, which was FREE; Parking FREE. This was the last and largest Morris Cruise Night shows in 2021, many of the streets were blocked off, Unlike McCormick Place, walking down the street (without a COVID mask), drinking a beer in public.