October 16, 2021: OKTOBERFEST

Octoberfest at the American Legion turned out to be different in many ways from what I expected. It started around 6:00 pm. Five people attended; four Tall Club members, Jean and Pat C., Milanne B., and myself were joined by Tall Club Wanna-be Dave S. 

By the time we arrived, Jean and Pat were holding our chairs because the place was packed to overflowing! Over 300 people, many of them NOT Tall Club members! The line for food and another line for beer was out the door! So after waiting in line for over 20 minutes we finally loaded up on Oktoberfest beer. I have never seen a crowd like that at my American Legion! We saw our old buddy Kathy there with her husband Ron. Finally, we got our allotment of Oktoberfest “grub.” Which was surprisingly tasty. 

That’s when Elvis started singing; the impersonator was talented. I haven’t heard many of his songs in over 25 years (26 actually). Dave said if he wore an outfit like that Elvis outfit maybe his boss would give him a raise. Unfortunately, he did NOT sing “Hound-Dog,” or “Jail House Rock,” (my all-time favorite Elvis song). 

Pat was in “dutch,” with Jean because he forgot to buy her their 27th wedding anniversary gift (I know what that feels like). So a miracle occurs when Pat wins a Raffle basket (coffee and Tiddley Winks). We told Jean that’s what the Anniversary Regulator just so happens to classify as the 27th wedding anniversary gift! I don’t think Jean was buying that, but still, it took some of the heat off Pat. 

I wore my “Honor Flight” shirt to this event which gave me special exalted privileges. Like, I didn’t have to say “excuse me,” if I sneezed. Also, it exempted me from KP duty, saluting toilets when flushing, and having to pick up discarded beer bottles and cigarette butts (which I excelled in during my former military career). I think I was the only person that missed the Polkas

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