October 17, 2021: BEARS GAME at SLICCY’S

Eventually, seven Tall Club members and two wannabe’s showed up. Milanne B., Peggy R., Nancy C., Jean and Pat C., Johnny A., and I plus two Tall Club Wannabe’s, Dwayne and Dave S were there. It’s been a long time, thanks to COVID, since such an event has occurred. 

Chris, the owner, was elated because we’re such big tippers. Cumulatively we left over $3.12 in tips! We enjoyed buckets of beer and plenty of yelling. Dave S, who was one of the former chief singers and yeller extraordinaire, now doesn’t watch the game for entertainment purposes anymore, only for commentary purposes. He no longer lends his melodious voice to our group singing of the “Bears Fight Song.” 

As a group, we still truly do have an impact. As always, the pizza was pretty good. Dave S requested “Ghost Peppers” on the pizza, a truly Halloween-type ingredient. I think I would rather eat glass than Ghost Peppers. Nobody ordered Sliccy’s highly touted (by Milanne and Dave) squid platters. Eating something that can squirt ink at you with translucent tentacles seems to have a limited appeal for some reason, although it would make interesting Halloween fare. Other than our group, there were only four other people in the entire place, so we were free to run amok! I told what turned out to be a lame joke (surprise surprise). I need to up my joke-telling to at least where Milanne sticks her fingers in her ears. 

Johnny was last to arrive. He was upset he had to put his yacht away for another year after he and Dave S kicked out the homeless people taking refuge in Johnny’s lavish yacht. This year Johnny reused his shrink wrap from last year re-stretching it over his yacht in dry dock, thereby saving $47. 

No idea when Johnny will return to work with his bum wrist, he says “this is just like being retired. My boss keeps complaining about Workmen Comp claims for some reason.” As a group, there was also quite a bit of bragging about various grandchildren. Stuff like “my grandchild can load a diaper faster than your grandchild.” “My grandchild can cry way louder and longer than your grandchild.” “My grandchild can bite much harder than your grandchild.” I always put in earplugs when my grandchildren are coming over. I’m going to teach my grandchildren how to cheat at cards, how to smoke cigars, tell dirty jokes, and how to hide stuff. 

We didn’t have any takers for anyone taking any of Milanne’s cats, she’s thinking of giving them away at Halloween. Sticking them in the little tyke’s treat bags, instead of candy. Typically at Halloween, I stay at my daughter’s house while her family goes out “trick or treating,” handing out sugar-laden treats to the little scamps.