September 4th: Nick’s Belly Buster Burger

 Unfortunately, no one was interested, which translates into a “Nix for Nick’s” so I went for a bike ride with my sister (Tall Club Wannabe), I don’t really need the lbs anyway. Nick’s will be sourly missed by me anyway, it’s quite a treat. There was a possibility of rain, which held off, so it was mostly overcast. We saw 3 Deer at two locations two females and a huge male (4 points on each antler) meaning he was 4 years old and probably weighed at least 350 pounds, making the largest deer I’ve seen in years. Fortunately, he was running away from us. By the time I get my camera out of my pocket and ask the deer to “smile,” he’s gone. We also saw a starving Coyote, walking around fully exposed in the daylight, the cops were already on that one along with animal control, apparently, he was going to be captured and fed (maybe a Nick’s Belly Buster Burger). The guy with the net said I didn’t have to worry because they were after the Coyote (can’t be too careful because of my past experiences with large nets and people from the loony bin). Can you imagine how much it cost to capture that Coyote? Two Cops & two animal control officers for at least an hour that’s $400 minimum. Cheaper to let a bunch of rabbits and chickens, maybe even some rooster (to spice things up) loose in the woods.

The forest that was burned last fall by the Cook County Precision Fire Drill Team has recovered nicely, you can’t even see the beer bottles lying about anymore, on these bike rides, I’m actually pretty good at riding the downhill parts, so far I’m over 1,150 miles in 2021. No wind it was a delightful ride, I even “knocked off,” my usual honking (believe it or not I forgot, my sister didn’t complain about my lack of honking).
Ace Reporter