7/5/21 Monday Cruisin’ Lockport

It was hot outside (the occasional breeze helped) and they were having electrical power problems at the get-go. Being a retired electrical engineer, I suggested they try plugging their equipment into a receptacle. They wound up using a portable electric generator. I was the only Tall Club Member to attend this event. I got to park in the Library Parking Lot, so I knew it wasn’t very crowded. They had about 12 Orphan cars there. Orphan cars are cars that are composed of various other car parts, like a Yugo body, Pinto Engine, and Vega Transmission, stuff like that. I asked a guy, “can I adopt that 1954 GMC Up-Me-Up Truck?” He said “sure for $22K. I replied what about $4K? He told me he was insulted, I said I’d give him an IOU if he had the title. He said, “You won’t need a title with this beauty.” “Probably because it doesn’t move,” was my retort.  I had to keep going at this point.

The Steve Edwards Orchestra was composed of 5 members. They attempted to sing a wide range of songs, like;- Bee Gee’s “You Should Be Dancing, Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”, Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World; Mustang Sally, and a Smokey Robinson Song of some-kind. They had around 12 dancers, which is pretty good for Lockport, which is primarily composed of “Redneck Swamp Stompers”. You want to be wearing steel-toed work boots dancing in Lockport. On my +5 Star scale, I’d give them +2 Stars. Even then they were a million times better than I sing, so my being a music critic is somewhat ludicrous.
Ace Reporter;-Tommy