Unannounced Bike Ride Saturday 5/8/21

Two people showed up for this “not to be missed event.” Linda, a Tall Club Wannbe, and yours truly Tommy; it was quite chilly a hoodie and gloves were needed, we had a frost that morning. At the conclusion I was over 360 miles so far in 2021. The Honeysuckles have started blooming 6 years ago there was mile after mile of them, that’s changing as “Buck-Thorn” (an aggressive species; a small tree) is taking over, wiping them out. Honeysuckles still perfume the air; they come in white and pink colors (Johnny told me he likes the pink color the most). Ever eat a Honeysuckle flower? They actually taste like Honey, unless you try eating one with a bee in it, then it’s off to the hospital.

Speaking of bugs despite the 52 degree temperature they’re was plenty of them, microscopic Nat’s with tiny wings, there’s millions of them! They really don’t taste that good, I wonder how many calories they have? They tickle when I breathed them in through my nose, causing me to laugh hysterically, while trying to blow my nose at the same time, try doing that sometime. Pretty weird laughing about bugs in my nose!  I had to wipe hundreds of them off my hoodie, I guess I sort of looked like “bug-man.” Bug spray is of no value, because I’m the bike rider that’s running into them. Giggers which do bite are deterred by bug spray, they’re not out yet. Honking didn’t dissuade the Nat’s. Why not wear my COVID mask you ask? I’d hyperventilate, turn red, fall off my bike gasping for breath. Singing didn’t work either causing me to eat even more of them. Linda told me to quit belly aching and to stop my caterwauling and if I didn’t stop she was going to ride by herself.

Ace Reporter, Tommy