Talk about a Johnny-Come Lately! John A. certainly came late! He was the
last to arrive (we think he got lost). Besides Johnny, Diane M., Rob K.,
Diane’s Mom, Jim N., Mary P., Rodger (the Dodger) O. and yours
truly, the “Ace Reporter,” enjoyed the annual Coast-to-Coast Toast on Sunday, May 2. Johnny was all dressed up, so I asked him, “who died?” He said he “was celebrating the fact that you’re (me-Tommy) are going to be stuck as President and VP at the same time!” I’ll have to become ambidextrous, what ever that is. I told Johnny, soon to be Ex-President, “I expect to be addressed as “your Royal Majesty” with either a courtesy orgenuflect; an additional pirouette is optional.

Jim had his smart phone tied into TCI Headquarters where we congratulated each other and posted our annual toast to Kae Sumner Einfeldt. Several Tall clubs all over the US and England celebrated this festive event.

There’s always lots of fun conversation at these get-togethers. For example, Mary and Rodger going around Lake Michigan in Rodger’s 1987 Buick; Rodger said if he gets stuck, Mary can help push. Johnny’s yacht is in the water (similar to Elvis has left the building). This means we won’t see much of Johnny until his yacht comes out of the water; surprisingly it still floats. I told everyone that my first ex-wife is getting re-married. I could’ve become the ring bearer, but I declined and would prefer to circumvent the entire event. I always cry at weddings because it reminds me of the times I got married. Rob is getting his ankle fixed, it went on the fritz when he fell off a bar stool.