Bike Ride 5/15/21

Tree Pollen High, Grass Pollen High, Ragweed Low, Mold Low. Temperature 69 degrees F, winds under 9 MPH from the South. the reason for the earlier than anticipated bike ride is a forecast of rain for 6 out of the next 7 days. As usual I was the only person to attend this event 16.5 miles.

Heritage Village in Lockport is a collection of 5 buildings that built around 1880 -1900 then moved to this location, right next to the Centennial Bike Trail. They we’re have a “Shindig,” at this location today. Usually everything is locked up at Heritage Village, not today. Some type of Military show (featuring the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW1, WW2, even Viet Nam) was taking place. Patrons would ask a “soldier,”which utensil in your mess kit is the fork? What happens if you stick your finger in your eye when your saluting? Does the Navy get the gravy and Army get the beans, stuff like that.

I’ve previously walked through these turn of the century collection of buildings, people before, they weren’t living the high life back then, pretty grim. I guess the highlight of visiting Heritage Village is visiting the “Privy,” which gets old pretty quickly. They also have a “Hoosegow,” which more than likely the place I would’ve been interred in if I lived in Lockport around 1900.


Ace Reporter