4/3/21: Bicycle Ride from Morris on the Centennial Trail

Three people showed up for this event: Tall Club Members Milanne & Me (Ace Reporter) and Tall Club Wannabe Dave S. A little chilly at the beginning, which eventually turned into a gregarious day. Just a few Blue Bell flowers were blooming, the frogs were out chirping, we saw one deer. Milanne told me to look into a mirror if I wanted to see a skunk. We ended up at a Gin Mill in Senica; a small town, which was beautiful as well as were the parts of Morris we passed through.

My bicycle horn blowing as progressed exponentially, I now have the amazing ability to “honk” with 11 different sounds, truly a Symphonic Masterpiece of honking noise akin to the sound of a garbage truck tipping over. I remain the “Official Paramount Tall Club Chief Honker,” a prodigious title of acclaim. Competitors could only come up with a pathetic tinker bell. We saw two really weird things on this trip, the first being a bridge composed of laminated wood beams OSB (Orientated Strand Board) (instead of steel, some parts were over 3 feet wide, I took a picture of that. The Second being some type of gigantic tractor thingy probably 35 feet long 15 feet wide with 5 foot tires, definitely homemade with at least a 1,000 HP engine, running around an enormous field blowing dust everywhere, looked like a kid driving this monster for a hoot! The 5 foot (diameter) tires, shook the Earth, it must have been going 40 MPH and weighed around 12 ton’s, it kicked up a lot of dust! Prior to this bicycle trip I had already logged in over 105 miles total for 2021; the longest trip up till now being 17 miles, but this trip put that to shame, still bike riding is so enjoyable.

The Gin Mill was nice, we didn’t get kicked out which typically happens when Dave S & I start yelling about something. We did some yelling about the shape Illinois is in, and political stuff (now that football season is over and with an up coming local election). Milanne refuses to sit between us now, saying, that’ I’ve wised up. In fact I like to act like I don’t know who you guys are (except when the bill arrives).”
Ace Reporter,      Tommy