4/2/21: Dance & Dinner Lockport Legion

5 people showed up: 2 Members, Milanne & Me (Ace Reporter) and three tall club wannabe’s; Dave S; Linda (my sister) and Dawn (Not Dawn P.) The first thing I noticed when arriving was there were hardly any Parking Spots available! This was further confirmed when we entered the huge 100′ x 50′ dining hall, which was “packed” Est 300 people. To get a table, I got Tall Club Wannabe Kathy to find us a place to sit and eat our delicious fish dinner, (we were unwilling to sit on each other’s laps) we ended up getting the lastavailable table in the entire hall. We were lucky! This officially was the last fish dinner weekend at the American Legion in Lockport.

Things only got better! A ½ gallon pitcher of MillerLite$7.00; the fish dinner was excellent I had COD (not the same COD that they make COD piece’s out of) Milanne had the Catfish dinner which she gave a strong thumbs up. Sadly Dave S got there 2 minutes before the 7 PM buzzer when they close the kitchen, he said his french fries were cold (he would say something like that!). It’s been too long since I attended a activity like this, mainly do to COVID. Another highlight was the demented 6 ‘ tall 300 Lb, Easter Bunny they had hopping around terrorizing the children. Most people at this event were not wearing masks. Safe distancing was more or less observed as much as possible. During dinner I gave Dave S some Fart Spray, now he’ll be another person to be feared (like giving a 5 year old a stick of dynamite) . Dave kept asking Milanne if she could smell anything by placing the spray can near her nose, after awhile Milanne grew tired of Dave’s antics and told him, “Quit being so pernicious, if you keep sticking that fart spray in my face I’m no longer going to clean the fish you catch.”

At 7 PM the band the “Fabulous Fabtones,” started up playing songs from the 50’s and 60’s, unfortunately I knew almost all of them! When I heard one I didn’t know I asked Linda (my sister), “do you know that song?” She said that she did (1957; Blackslacks- Sparkletones). Then I said, “I don’t remember that song, so you must be much older than me!” She didn’t enjoy that comment. They played a lot of Beatles Songs, Elvis, “I’m a Wonderer,” “Run Around Sue,” along with a a bunch of other Deon songs, “Come And Go,” by the Dell Vikings. The dance floor definitely got crowded at times, it was so much fun (stepping on unsuspecting peoples feet), Some Toe-Heel Dips (elegant dance moves), the American Legion was “hopping.” Whenever I started telling jokes; I had an enormous selection all prepared; Milanne would say, “I’m not listening to that,” and she would head out to the Dance Floor, another words she would rather dance than listen to my jokes, imagine that!
The “Fabulous Fabtones,” played non stop. When they took their first break at 9 PM, Milanne and I went over to ask them if they would consider playing at our yearly Paramount Tall Club Friday Dance, they said sure but unfortunately they want to be paid something. The lead singer asked, “Where’s Rodger, my old drinking buddy?  Why he didn’t show up?” We told Mr Fabtone,” I think he’s hung over,”
to which Mr Fabtone replied “He’s probably drinking those Kirkland Whiskey’s again.” The Easter Bunny who sitting right next to Mr Fabtone stated, “If Rodger was here I would have given him some Easter candy.” They played until 10:35 PM to thunderous applause. Only 3 guys in the band but they sounded terrific!
Ace Reporter,      Tommy