Bike Ride Brookfield 4/30/21

We actually went on 4/25 Sunday; Pretty windy, sunny and fairly chilly; gloves & hoodie required. Two people attended this event, yours truly and Tall Club Wannabe Linda my short sister. When I ride alone I average around 11 MPH, with Linda it’s around that’s 13 MPH no big deal? Wrong; at times Linda hits 16 MPH and for an old geezer like me that’s fast and if I don’t keep up she refers to me as a “Sissy Boy!” Not only that she has a “bum” knee! We did see two deer on this trip.

Then there was the time (23 years ago) I went “bike riding, in Augusta Georgia, 5 of us (not like the Tall Club) at any rate we were being chased by Wild Boars, all five of us. You wouldn’t think a Wild Boar could run that fast, we’ll I was pumping my bike has hard as I could and was hitting around 30 MPH these Wild Boars would try to knock us off our bikes by head butt ramming us, those tusks didn’t help either. It was hard keeping balanced they’d could push the tires sideways around 8” (not easy keeping my balance). I tried to kick at them which caused me to slow down, not a good idea, eventually we outdistanced them after around 2 miles. These “boars,” really weren’t that big probably weighed between 60 to 80 pounds (they get much bigger) the big ones weren’t chasing us, I could see them watching the shenanigans. Wild Boars are a big problem in Georgia, don’t need a hunting license to shoot them and its open season on them 12 months a year. That was rather exciting.

Ace Reporter Tommy