Bike Ride 4/16/21

 My bike has well known excessive honking ability here’s what’s on my handlebars going Left to right Handle Bar extensions (I point them “up’ because I’m so tall), Handle bar grip, 8 position gear selector; 2 tone Bulb operated squeak horn, Bulb operated Fugal Horn (a classic) Head light; handle bar stem 4 position electronic rechargeable honker (Honky Horn, Siren, Fire Alarm, Fog Horn); Bike frame stationary (Actually not on my handlebars); Another 4 position battery powered electronic honker (Siren; European Siren, Blaster, whistle) after that a Speedometer-Odometer; Lever operated tinker bell (pretty loud) 3 position gear selector Handle Bar Grip and another upward facing Handle Bar Extension. I think it’s wonderful all the noises I’m capable of producing however squeezing, button pushing and lever pulling makes it difficult to see where I’m going when I’m in the excessive honking rampage. I suppose I could use a longer handlebars, a couple more arms and some extra Chameleon style eyeballs, also boning up on mulitasking would be a good idea. Then again if I had one of those Chameleon style tongues I wouldn’t need the extra arms, then imagine kissing the Babe’s with a Chameleon style tongue, it boggles the mind. I think I covered that topic enough already.

This bike ride was attended by Me and Tall Club Wannabe my sister Linda, we went on the Brookfield Bike Path a rather dubious ride considering we have to cross 5 busy streets each way also quite crowded with walkers and other bikes, so I can’t concentrate on my honking very much. Then there’s those Kamikaze Nut Job, bike riders hitting speeds of 25 MPH+ weaving ferociously trying to maintain they’re speed. If you drift or go into the right lane you’d get hit in the rear and in major bike accident within 10 minutes. The Brookfield Zoo bike path is beautiful and mostly in the shade (a plus on a hot day).

Ace Reporter;- Tommy