5/7 Lockport Moosehall Dance

Actually I was there (4/30) with my Sister Linda and short non tall club member Dawn.

Since no one other than me goes to anything on the Tall Club calendar I went a week early. The joint was jump’in and packed as usual. I parked two blocks away. The Band that was playing was “We’re Not Dead.” Unlike the previous bands this one was awful. For example they were playing “All Shook Up,” an original toe tapper sang by Elvis the Pelvis. If you listened to them you’d say. “I don’t remember that song,” but if you listened carefully you could make out the words. Needless to say the Dance Floor was mostly empty and I had oiled up my dancing shoes, maybe I should have brought a can of “fart spray,” to liven up the joint.

Still there was between 100-150 people there, it was fun yukking it up with Linda and Dawn, she was impressed by my endless supply of stupid jokes. Meanwhile Linda complained, stating, “How many times can you repeat a stupid joke!” However it was hard to tell jokes, because I had to yell, because “We’re Not Dead,” besides sounding awful were loud! No “Moose Hall Salute,” this time when the band took a break. I requested that the Band play, “Pull My Finger Polka, Who Let The Dogs Out and Tip toe Through The Tulips,” they didn’t play any of those, only songs I never heard of, oh they also played “Theme from Peter Gun,” (from a movie 100 years ago) no one danced to that one either. I was careful not to step on any of the short people walking around bopping.

Ace Reporter Tommy