April 14: Forest Park O’Sullivan’s

Three people at this event Milanne and yours Truly and Tall Club Wannabe Dave S. We got there late at 8:07 PM, which like magic allowed us to park in many places where you can’t normally park before 8 PM (or you’ll get towed). We had to read all the Parking Signs to make sure, which took about 10 minutes, still better than walking the customary 0.25 miles from my car to O’Sullivans.

We rode in style in my Luxurious Sedan from Milanne’s house. I had to watch Dave S to make sure he didn’t leave any “nose prints,” on the window (like normally a dog would do). Upon entering O’Sullivans I wore my fashionable “Leopard COVID Mask,” being 6′ 4” I stand out when I wear it people tell me, “it’s not Halloween.” Dave & I had the Wednesday Mexican Special Tacos, a pretty good deal, while Milanne ate some type of fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich, (Milanne likes Velveeta Cheese) the trouble with Tacos is when I ate them is that they’re gravity-defying and quite difficult to eat, plus I’m a pretty sloppy eater anyway, maybe I should eat them while lying on my back.

I traded Milanne some Zinnia seeds for one of Milanne’s World Famous loaves of her Banana bread, I think I got the better deal on that swap. Normally with Dave S & me, we are always the loudest table, something I’m very proud of, in true Tall Club tradition, this time it wasn’t the case, because there were 6 guys in another table drowning us out! Proving that when your drunk you can really crank up the db’s (decibels). Weird; we had to shout to be heard yet I have no idea what the other table was yelling about. Both Milanne & Dave are officially boycotting Baseball games this year because the All-Star game location venue has been changed from Atlanta to Denver. I’d rather watch “Women Mud Wrestling” anyway.
Ace Reporter;-                                   Tommy