3/9/21: Scholarship Meeting

At Panero Bread, Elk Grove Village; we met early because Panero changed their hours to close at 7 PM, we met to “rate” Chicago-land’s tall scholars they were all pretty much viewed a bunch of “smarty pant’s,” applications. Later after reading a bunch of applications I was cross-eyed and wished I had a beer. None of the applicants told us how many detentions they got or how many times they got suspended. No mention of Senior Ditch Day (a famous holiday). I wonder how many of the applicants drive old clunker cars? I never had a car when I was in High School, (and cars were invented by then). I rode my bike everywhere, so my date for the prom had to ride on the handlebars. When I was in high school a kid blew up the Chemistry lab by mixing Red Phosphorus with Potassium Chlorate, which made the 6 O’clock news on TV. I had a lot of fun with that one. Once we were making gun powder and my explosive buddy Bill hit a pile of it with a hammer, which blew the hammer right through the roof of his Dad’s garage, later his pop was wondering how come he had a hole in his roof, he never did find that hammer. You can no longer buy these chemicals (or any of the “good ones) like yesteryear when companies that sold that stuff was listed at the back of Popular Science Magazines as “Chemical Warehouses,” which is where I got my chemicals to blow stuff up at. The past terrorists put the kibosh on that.

Ace Reporter, Tommy