2/24/2021: Golden Bowl Restaurant

4 people showed up; Dave & Linda K, Yours truly, and Tall Club Wannabe Linda C (my sister). The food was astounding, also I was wrong about them NOT selling booze they do sell booze. Their portions are getting even bigger, I have enough food now to last me 4-5 days! We talked about “Tom Jones,” who had a couple of hit’s I remember, “It’s Not Unusual,” “What’s New Pussycat?” and “She’s A Lady,” he’s still alive! His 80th Birthday is this week (2/21-2/28) sometime. Only women went to Tom Jones concerts years ago, then after paying $15 for a ticket to hear him sing they would all scream as loud as possible during the concert, so they couldn’t hear him sing! Tom Jones threw water-soaked scarfs to the screaming hoard’s (the women fans thought it was sweat). And the women threw their Bra’s back, at Tom Jones! This was during the Beatles era when screaming at entertainers was in vogue. Eventually, Tom Jones had the world’s largest bra collection. Now Tom Jones “throws those old bra’s back to his fans!” When asked why; Tom Jones, replied, “Well I’m finished wearing them!”

We talking about Chicago’s latest violence craze, underage thugs carjacking, the latest terror, what a system we have. Eventually, the punks get caught then the Cook County States Attorney, Kim Fox lets them out of incarceration and releases them into the custody of their parents. How stupid is that? Prior to getting caught, they were already in the custody of their parents! Maybe their parents will show them where the local chop shop is to make their newly found careers more efficient. It’s nice that it warmed up somewhat, some of the icebergs & glaciers are starting to melt, huge icicles falling down from my gutters. In Florida, citizens get bopped in the head by frozen lizards, while here it’s giant icicles. The residual salt is everywhere, what a mess. Road crews must get paid by the tons of salt they spread out everywhere.

We talked about our COVID shots, the only person who didn’t have all their COVID shots was Linda K, she was lucky we even associated with her. When I was in the Army I got lots of shots, in basic Training (at Fort Lenard Wood Missouri) our entire company entered the “shot room.” Where we lined up and were given around 14 shots all at once, the room smelled strongly of medicine, we got multiple shots in both arms all at once. The guy standing in front of me “passed out,” so I helped carry him to a bench unconscious, where he got all his shots while unconscious, about 7 minutes later the guy behind me also passed out so the exercise was repeated. I’m surprised I didn’t pass out. All this pales in comparison to the Glob-A-Gluben shot in the buttocks. If you’ve ever seen the 3 Stooges Moe chasing Curly around with a huge shot the size and shape of a Caulking gun you would an idea of what I was in for. It “burned,” when I got it and felt like someone slugged me in the buttock! I couldn’t sit down for 3 days.

Ace Reporter;