Friday February 12: American Legion Dinner, Lockport

I was the only person that attended this fantastic event. I ordered the wonderful 3 piece COD fish dinner which included a baked potato, coleslaw, and a slice of bread with all the “fix-ins,” and genuine COVID free plastic utensils. I asked them to hold the Cod Liver Oil with my dinner, that stuff makes me grimace. I also had a couple of Old Style brews.. The dinner and beer were delicious. The huge hall I was sitting in 100′ x 50′ had 8 people in it, so safe distancing wasn’t a problem. So when I burped I didn’t have to say “excuse me,” to anyone, which I usually don’t say that anyway, I usually say, “that’s the nicest thing I’ve said all day.” It was around +3 degrees F outside so dancing out in the parking lot was out, as well as making a snowman, with the snow that wouldn’t pack. I had some good jokes ready to go in case someone from the Tall Club showed up without an RSVP. Everyone seems a bit paranoid about COVID, it’s amazing how cold it is and how much snow we have lying around, we have well over 2′ lying on the ground around Lockport. I looking forward to the terrific upcoming Book Worm book sale coming up.

It’s so cold that the Polar Bears are migrating South. When you watch the news, about COVID it can “spook you,” the more COVID data that comes in the more baffled the newscaster’s and doctors become. Even if you are tested there still might be some COVID germs lurking around your body, that weren’t detected. I’m going on the theory that alcohol, kills germs so I should be good to go. We’re scheduled for 3” of snow tomorrow, I feel sorry for people that have to get to work through all of this. After my Superbowl party last Monday (2/8) I was overcome by a terrific overwhelming stench which the strongest smell coming from one of my bathrooms. I called my landlord and eventually, a plumber came over, he had a fiber optic cable device that he’s shoved down the drainpipe (pretty gross) looking for the cause, nothing there, so whatever it was it couldn’t be determined. Needless to say, I didn’t use that bathroom. The plumber told me to call him if something ever starts backing up. Today (6 days later) the stench has become somewhat tolerable.

Ace Reporter