Nature Walk 12/23/2020

Only one person showed up for this unannounced festive “Nature Walk,” me! It was 51 degree’s and one of the windiest days ever. It was equivalent to being inside of a Tornado my ears were flapping around like a pickup truck going down the freeway with the doors open. The weather was suppose to drop down to around -3 degrees Thursday, Winter is here.

One of my “great Ideas,” this Christmas is;- Theo my 6 year old Grandson is losing his baby teeth. He gets $5 for each one of teeth he leaves under is pillow from the “Tooth Fairy,” (I use to get 25 cents.) What I contrived is;- I bought a box of Tic-Tac’s there’s got to be over 100 of them in that box. So Theo will tell his Mom, “I lost 4 teeth today,” he’ll put 4 Tic Tac’s in a napkin under his pillow and wait for the money to start rolling in, however if my Daughter looks at these “teeth,” the gig will probably be up. Still worth a shot. Theo “stooled on me!” He was worried about not being a “good Boy,” and getting on Santa’s naughty list

I checked out the American Legion in Lockport to which I am a party to. Only to discover that only allow Members and their spouses in. All activities have pretty much been canceled. My cable just went out, probably blown down thank’s to the 230 MPH winds we have. If the power goes out I can only read until it gets dark. I don’t know of anybody that lives in Aurora to bad we could go over and watch the Aurora Borealis.

Ace Reporter Tommy