Football Game Milanne’s 12/27/20

 The current COVID lockdown started before Thanksgiving, it’s a bit disheartening that this “Lockdown,” is still going on in 2021 with no sign of it ending; when will it end? Then there’s that Forbearance, maybe postponed with the latest stimulus package. Getting back to the football extravaganza;4 people showed up to this fantastic event; Milanne, Johnny A and yours truly ace reporter and Tall Club wannabe, Dave S. We got to watch the Bears clobber the lousiest team in Football, the Jacksonville Jaguars, proving that the Bad News Bears aren’t the worst team in professional football. We sang the Bears fight song 4 times, which is somewhat of a challenge wearing a mask, hard not to end up chewing on the mask, which affects my singing voice.

With New Years Right Around the corner, we cumulatively decided to make our official 2021; New Years Resolutions;- Eat More, Drink More Booze; Order a Pizza 5 minutes before Midnight then when it arrives say,”I ordered this damn pizza last year.” Not Get Any Women Pregnant This Year (Milanne rolled her eyes over that resolution); Load up on Carbs; Send our Ex-Wife’s or Husband’s “Get Well Cards,” on their Birthdays; Don’t go to the gym; Eat more fatty foods; Consider taking a Daily Walk; Don’t get caught at whatever your doing; Yell at the TV during football games; Throw out the scale: Learn how to cheat at cards and to Stop listening to Christmas Carols.

Nobody got their Christmas Wish; a Million dollars and a “Get Out Of Jail Free Pass,” I guess Santa was too busy filling our stocking with coal. For the first time in history, Milanne didn’t get any cats or crock pots as gifts, this year for Christmas. Instead, she got two plastic kitty scoops (made at Dave S place of employment, Dave said he picked them out of the reject bin); Dave S got a 20 pound Ham spiral cut for Christmas, he said he was tired of eating baloney. John is in the process of converting his Minivan into an anchor, he found a junkyard that has a crusher, “that may be the best thing that can happen to my minivan, he can use it on his yacht.” I on the other hand got a lifetime supply of rubber roaches.


Ace Reporter, Tommy