12/30/2020: Mexican Dinner O’Sullivan’s Forest Park

 As usual, parking is very tricky;- park in the wrong spot you get towed, Forest Park is loaded with numerous confusing parking signs everywhere (You might need to take along a lawyer when determining where to park). Taco Wednesday 3 large tasty taco’s with a side for $10.00 and Mexican Beer is on sale. 3 people showed up Milanne, Dave S (Tall club wannabe), and yours truly Ace Reporter.

We discussed taking down our plastic Christmas trees and how sad life will be without the Happy Yuletide Decorations, including my “Dancing Christmas Hat,” that Laura gave me, followed by 100 days of freezing snow and ice, on top of a COVID shutdown. No more Alvin & The Chipmunks this year. I brought a couple of my Christmas Rubber Roaches to liven up this event, which got the waitress to jump, always a funny gag, what a great invention!  I did manage to sneak in a lame joke. I have to use “new,” jokes around Milanne & Dave because they know all the punch lines to my old jokes, which always results in groaning and saying, “that’s the stupidest joke I ever heard.”

To make-a-da wine; First Taka Off Shoes; wash-a-da feet and fruit; then destem, peel or whatever to prepare fruit, followed by foot-stomping the fruit, sometimes I end up with purple feet until I changed my socks; Puta in a bucket with a cover and a lot sugar then putta in a fancy yeast (very critical) with a high tolerance from toxic alcohol, sticka in bubbler to keep air out unless you like vinegar, mixa up every two weeks; let foment 6-9 months. Next biga messy job to filter multiple times; and sticka in and siphonify witha hose, I always end up with a sticky floor, sucka up juice to empty bucket. Biga mess; then measure alcohol with a Hydrometer to make sure you get juiced up, You could stop fermentation with Potassium Sorbate, but that’s no fun, I wanna get “buzzed up,” Siphonify into empty beer bottles and cap. Unfortunately, Milanne & Dave inadvertently got beer (not wine) that skunkified after 90 days because it’s not homomoninized when beer ferments into a totally undrinkable, awful tasting wine so Milanne & Dave kept this “Shunky Beer” down in their basement for 8 years which put it beyond skunkified. It looka like coffee and tastea like horse piss.

It’ll be nice once we get the COVID shot and all this nonsense can stop, just to practice getting a shot, we each had a shot of Old Crow (Wild Turkey was too expensive). O’Sullivans was the very place I went in error to the Women’s washroom years ago, nothing like the Men’s Room, very clean. Interesting stuff, written on the wall, like, “for a good time call Charlie etc. or On wall in ladies room “My husband follows me everywhere…” Written just below it “I do not”. O’Sullivans was also the place years ago, at a Tall Club Bears Football event, when the management tried to get us to stay inside because they didn’t want to open the outdoor area, they told us the outdoor TV was on the Fritz; after we started yelling, our exuberance was overwhelming, that changed in a hurry.