12/13/20 Sliccily’s; Bear’s Football Game

 Only 2 members Milanne & me plus one Tall Club Wannabe, Dave S. attended, this not to be missed event. Sliccily’s is a great place mainly because the owner (Chris) participates and encourages our Tall Club shenanigans. What’s disheartening is that Sliccily’s was basically empty during this event due to the COVID epidemic, I can’t imagine how such a place can eventually avoid going bankrupt!

The Bears totally annihilated the Texans; 33 to 7 (I think) so Milanne and I got to sing the “Bears Fight Song,” 3 times. While Dave didn’t participate, because the NFL football players disrespect our National Anthem. He does have a point, Dave is steadfast in his belief, facing away from the Football Game in its entirety. The way I look at it, why should I miss this not to be missed event because of this disrespect, which has zero effect from me watching or not watching the game, from which I get to yell at and enjoy excessively. I had to sing extra loud to make up for the absence of Dave S wonderful singing voice.

Dave now only watches sports that only support our National Anthem, such as Curling, Synchronized Swimming, Shuffle Board, and Horseshoes. Many of these sporting events have been canceled as well due to COVID. It’s pretty hard yelling at the TV for these events because they’re really not that exciting, plus they’re rarely shown on TV anyway, we live in troubled times. I brought my singing Christmas Hat to this event which never fails to amaze. Milanne really brightened up the place with all her flashing Christmas decorations (which I being a “Big Spender,”) pick up at the dollar store and pass out to beautiful women. Eventually, Dave S did state that he was getting Memorized then Hypnotized by the flashing earrings and necklace, throughout the entire game, I’m surprised that the batteries lasted that long. Being a “retired engineer,” I’m drawn to flashing lights. We practiced safe distancing, we even talked about missing the Man Show and how Jimmy Kimbel (Man Show host) has become politicized and has gone to the “Dark Side.” eliminating his status as an Icon to “Hen Pecked Men,” all over our great nation. The Christmas Holidays will be pretty lame without the 12 “Tall Club, Days Of Christmas,” parties this year. Also, I had a page of jokes I forgot to bring which Dave missed and Milanne was grateful I had an Alzheimer’s moment.

Ace Reporter; Tommy