12/12/20 Nature Walk

Since no one signed up, for this fantastic event, it was just Tall Club Wannabe Linda (my sister) and yours truly and we didn’t hike but rode our bikes; in Brookfield, a 13.5-mile jaunt through the Forest Preserve along Salt Creek; we actually went on Wednesday making my “not to be missed,” events quite flexible (it ended up rainy & cold on Saturday anyway), unlike the Paramount calendar indicates; the weather was great sunny and around 50 degrees. I provided all the necessary and unnecessary honking with my assortment of horns; bells and even a siren (that’s about ready to go on the Fritz), there were only two of us but we made enough noise for about 20 bicycle riders.

One downside from all my honking is that we don’t get to see as much wildlife for some reason. This was the same path that the Cook County Precision Fire Team burned all the undergrowth previously. The result was a charred landscape devoid of anything that a Deer, Duck, or any Wild Life for that matter, could possibly consume. It did provide a Christmasy landscape as you can imagine with not much snow at 50F, in the charred remains of the forest preserve wasteland. I’m glad that when the Cook County Precision Fire Team was burning the under-brush they had “fire is our friend,” signs were up so I’d know what was going on. I can only assume they know what they’re doing.

Linda isn’t that big on walking since she had her knee replaced, I keep telling her that she got the cheap knee job made out of an old trailer hitch that was converted into a knee replacement. She says her knee replacement leg weighs about 20 pounds more than the other squeaky knee, so she prefers bike riding. You’d think with her lousy knees I would leave her in the dust, but she really can go. It’s been a while since I went bike riding so I had to pump up the tires. Linda told me she doesn’t want another case of beer as a Christmas gift this year, which was nice for me because it gives me something to drink when I go over to visit her. As an afterthought, those “Fine For Hunting,” signs that are posted everywhere in the Forest Preserve need to be changed to “Lousy For Hunting.”

Ace Reporter, Tommy