October 15, 2020; Unannounced Event Dellwood Park Fall Color Walk

I should have included this “Nature Walk,” in the newsletter, the problem with it is that’s in Lockport,its not convenient for many members, plus I didn’t know when the fall color were coming in. Dellwood park is perhaps the most beautiful park in any place I ever lived and the leaves were changing colors, it was somewhat cool outside, the leaves were falling in mass quantities so I went for a 3 Mile walk, lots of colors and I haven’t even been drinking! Not too much wildlife, the squirrels were busy stocking up for the winter (not wearing COVID masks). I could’ve done the same thing with the leaves if I had a lot of spray paint and a very tall ladder. Somewhat Halloweenie

Now I’m thinking of becoming a famous author writing a book titled “For Whom the Bell Ringer Toll.” Instead of “clowning around,” with lame bell ringers I’ll use Quasimodo (after his gig with Notre Dame) as the chief bell ringer, instead of those lame Christmas songs Methodist Bell Ringers play around the Holidays, Quasimodo will be ringing in “Grandma Got Ran Over,” much more exciting.