10/22/2020; COVID Nature Walk, Centennial Trail

The one warm day after a terrific rainstorm the previous night, lots of mud-puddles. Normally this is where I ride on my Bicycle; one of the places I visited was “Heritage Village,” a place where Lockport stuck a bunch of old buildings, normally Heritage Village is all locked up; the only time it’s open is during “Lockport’s Canal Days, canceled this year due to COVID.  Heritage Village also features a Wiccan fireside circle (the witches were not there, only their benches in a circle, especially pertinent this time of the year with Halloween right around the corner). I have to behave myself when the witches are around or they’ll “hex me.” I also took pictures of me next to the Privy and the Whose-Scow (jail), if I was alive and living in Heritage Village in 1880; that would’ve been my domicile.