Unscheduled Event 10/2/20: Pub Crawl

 After donating a couple quarts if blood I met Dave S in Morris IL, I met him at Greenhorns where a 16 oz. draft beer goes for $1.00 during happy hour (3-5 PM) so we got “sauced” easy to do when I was a quart low on blood (some lucky recipient of my blood gets a free drunk on me). Normally at this time of the year, the Tall Club is engaging in watching Football Games at various Gin Mills throughout Chicago-land and we’d be doing a lot of enjoyable yelling at the TV, not so much this year due to the politicization of our National Anthem, so instead of yelling about football, we were yelling about the past Presidential debate (9/29-Tuesday).

Because we enjoy yelling so much, we like to yell against and with each other (unlike yelling at each other when I was married) it’s a unique and engaging way of arguing; eventually this roils up the clientele at various gin mills we were frequenting, after awhile the management tells us to either clam up or get out. So we ended up getting kicked out of 3 gin mills on one night, a record (Dave S knows of 14 Gin Mills in Morris, there’s two of them that won’t even let him in; leaving 12 remaining possibilities).

Eventually, Milanne showed up and took Dave S away to a place called Ottawa to hear a Polka Band (the closest you’ll get to an Oktoberfest this year; do you know why they call it Oktoberfest? Because it’s typically in September!). The band whose name escapes me, they’re signature song is, “In Heaven There Is No Beer Polka. Dave S he’s going to request “Pull My Finger Polka,” to liven things up. They invited me to go along with them which I declined, although I really do enjoy Polka music.

Ace Reporter, Tommy