10/4/20 A conversation about Dave’s Yacht

 Dave S says, “everybody gives me the business about me never getting my yacht wet, but in reality, it’s reality has made my job sweet. As you know my Yacht is stashed away in the warehouse where I work. So when I’m at work, I’m thinking, this working all the time is for the birds, I need to take a snooze; so I climb into my yacht. Then I pull up the ladder to keep the ‘Nosy Nellie’s’ from spilling the beans, you know; catching me taking a nap. I’d really be in “Dutch” if my boss ever found out about that, imagine the Song & Dance story I’d have to come with. So, I got my boss trained to call me on my smartphone rather than page me on the PA, so no problem there.”

The summer no problem it stays relatively cool in the warehouse, but the winter it really gets cold. The warehouse is only heated to +45 degrees. I turned up the thermostat up to 65 (perfect sleeping weather), last winter. That’s when my boss (owner) blew a gasket when the gas bill went up over $4,200. a month! I could’ve gotten in Dutch on that one, so I blamed the janitor for turning up the thermostat. The machinery in the warehouse makes noise and masks my snoring, sometimes when I wake up everything is pitch black! Which is OK because I’m still on the clock and have my trusty flashlight. Normally the night watchman is asleep, one time he was awake (I could see his flashlight) walking around; he’ll probably catch me sneaking out, so I threw a 3” bolt across the warehouse when he went to investigate the noise I punched out on my time card and snuck out. To get this to work even better I need to get a thermo-sleeping bag and battery-powered alarm clock. Then I’d be all set; I might not retire until I’m 75 or 80 years old and the OT is great!

Ace Reporter, Tommy