10/3 Movie Matinee Review

10/3 Matinee Pre-Party;- I called my Non-Tall Club wannabe sister and we went for a 13.5 mile Brookfield Bike Path Bike Ride. Somewhat cool actually very c

old when we started 50 degrees (I’m such a sissy, it was 58 degrees by the time we finished). The bike path pretty crowded, even so I claim the 

title of “Champion Bicycle Honker.” We saw two deer, one within 10 feet from the bike path. I need to bring along a shotgun, nothing like deer hunting in a Forest Preserve, where the deer have no fear of humans. My sister just got back from Seattle where her married son lives and now with a brand new beautiful Granddaughter (Sloan, that’s right it’s also the name of a Urinal Valve).

She’s about two month’s old and is currently a 13 pound air raid siren, Linda say’s, “ I can’t wait until she’s old enough for me to spoil.” Still not potty trained and too young to teach her how to cheat at cards.

10/3 Matinee Movie Party; Nobody called up for this not to be missed event, however Tom R showed up and we picked “Hellboy” as the flick to watch. A dated adventure

 of a superhero fighting villains, monsters and the like. My apartment is now decked out in Halloween garb, fortunately Tom R wasn’t scared. The pizza I had was awful, very similar to the last one. We managed to catch a quick look at a hummingbird, at my bird-feeder, which probably will be migrating

 shortly. As usual I got drunk watching the movie, which makes it seem “so real.”