Fantastic Bike Ride 6/27/2020

Only two people showed up for this “not to be missed” event. Tall Club Wannabe my sister, Linda and yours truly Ace Reporter. Hot, clammy and muggy, we chose to go on the Brookfield Zoo trail. It’s a 13.5 mile jaunt and it’s mostly in the shade. Like always, I performed plenty of honking in true Tall Club fashion (there were only two of us, but we made enough noise for 20 bike riders!) It wasn’t that crowded on the bike trail due to the humidity and temperature, which eliminated “fair weather bike riders.” It was downhill all the way so it was easy pedaling. 

In the news, they said that the Zoo would be partly opened (for zoo members only). When we rode past the Zoo parking lot though, it was completely empty. The rain the night before drove up the water level in Salt Creek. We saw some Kayak’s full of Kayakitours. it’s always fun to throw rocks and honk at them. By the time they come to shore swearing like storm troopers we’re long gone. They can’t catch us. We saw plenty of squirrels, birds including a Cardinal, very few Cicada’s. No deer today either. There is lots of poison ivy everywhere; if you’re into poison ivy, the woods is the place to go! 

Due to the light attendance at this Tall Club Event, I didn’t cook up anything, not even a tasty deer burger. To commemorate this festive occasion I went to the American Legion; my sister Linda didn’t go, she’s not that big on getting drunk. I was all set to let loose with some knee slapper type jokes, however the bar was “packed” so I went outside. I don’t want to catch COVID-19. It cooled off. The mosquitoes were in force.