After Golf Pizza Party -Unscheduled 7/6/2019

Attended by five crazy guys; Walter, Marty (Ad Hoc Tall Club President) Al, Dave S. and yours truly (Tommy C.). Dave S. “missed” the golfing event because he fell asleep at work and nobody woke him up! He said his boss was out of town He did make it to the golf/pizza party. 

“Side Job Marty,” says he’s going to the poor house, rewiring toasters, fixing Christmas Tree Lights, Installing Door Bells just isn’t cutting it, “I like to live a lavish lifestyle,” said Marty. The key to Marty again making megabucks from the 134 Electrical Union may be the reinstalling of the Chicago Trolley system. Less pollution, quieter buses, and more money. “I could be on Easy Street if they put the trolley system back in.” Another way Marty could make some money would be to install an AC unit at Milanne’s. 

Al, another attendee, could possibly be a new Tall Club Member, plus he likes telling jokes. Lots of limericks were told; they are always hilarious and insulting. We were telling plenty of jokes and talking about the “Man Show,” and how they could never show that stuff on TV like they did yesteryear. No Eric, he’s retired and swinging on ropes in Arkansas. We miss his lively banter.