A Message from the President . . . 

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As you know, we had our first meeting last month face to face. It was good to see everyone. Maybe the world is getting better. As long as we keep our masks on and keep our distance we should be ok. Maybe in the future we can go back to slow dancing, and being human again. 

Here is what’s happening in the Club as of now. The Weekend has been postponed until further notice. It may happen in the Spring or early Fall or sometime in 2022. We can’t do anything until this virus dies off or a vaccine is made. But it will still take time for people to trust again. So we will see what happens. 

The other news is it’s time to start thinking about running for the Board. All of our positions are open, including mine. The Club is in good hands now and the future looks bright. For a club to move forward it needs people. Think about it. Even though this virus was tough on everyone, we all stayed together and talked. The Club and Board bought us together, and in this world you need all your friends. Being on the Board will open up your mind, and teach you how to listen, and respect other’s ideas. Much like life does. Think about it. If you are considering one of the Board positions, go for it. If you make a mistake so what. Give it a shot, try it. It’s fun and interesting. I did and liked it.