Celia Demo
Saturday, November 3rd was filled with good food, good company, and some adventure. This was a two-event evening. The festivities started with dinner at Pilot Pete’s in Schaumburg; billed as an event for those who like to eat and as a send-off of those hearty souls going to the Old Joliet Prison Paranormal Tour and Investigation.
Since it was also Linda H.’s birthday weekend we celebrated that too! Dinner was enjoyed by Peggy R., Laura S., Lori W., Dave K., Linda H., and myself. We celebrated, enjoyed good food, had great conversations and said a prayer for those wandering off to the prison. Okay, I did a protection prayer, for us adventurers and did not make the group do one. P.S. mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 11 at 6:00pm for a return visit to Pilot Pete’s.
Now the fun begins. As I was driving to Joliet this tune started going through my head…..I was
working in the lab late one night… when my eyes beheld an eerie sight…wrong tune for this event…
it should have been spirit boxes, dowsing rods, and EVPs OH MY!
There were 25 brave souls who attended the Old Joliet Prison Paranormal Tour and Investigation. It looked like the group before us had 50 to 75 people, so we had a much smaller group and maybe more opportunity to be creeped out. Along with our group of 25, there were two Para-normal Investigators, a very nice Medium, our main Tour Guide, and a couple of other Investigators who tagged along for additional insight.
The tour started at the main gate of the old prison with the gate opening. This is an old crank style
gate, probably the original for the prison and was especially loud and very clanky. As we filed in
we received a flashlight and a good welcome. There were various stops including solitary confinement, the old hospital, the original cell blocks, and the main yard. We were encouraged to take pictures in 3’s which I did. The thought is you might catch something unusual, which both Linda and I did.
The prison is in bad shape so we couldn’t go into every area. I heard there were areas that they
would not let us go to because some of the residents have too much evil attached to them.
Guards refuse to go into certain areas due to bad vibes etc. I was okay with that.
Throughout the evening they used a spirit box to try to communicate with the remaining prisoners, dowsing rods so that the spirits could show us that they were with us, and tape recordings to hear responses we could not hear. There was also a creepy doll that would light up when spirits were around; It did!
For me, the weirdest thing that happened was that I could not take any pictures in the main yard. My camera kept doing weird things that prevented me from taking photos. I could not seem to make it work.
Overall it was an fun evening. We will do this event again, and will certainly give everyone notice well in advance so everyone who would like to go can sign up.