by Tommy C.

Normally, I don’t write reports on our monthly meetings, however, this one was special because it’s been four months since our last meeting. It was great seeing everybody (who were mostly wearing masks). The weather was perfect and sitting outside under a parking lot tent reminded me of Oktoberfest somewhat. The masks made drinking beer more challenging. 

I discovered that most members are non-bicycle riders. Meanwhile, I really got into bike riding, since I no longer need “training wheels,” and I really enjoy excessive honking and bell ringing on our bike rides. 

I even got an award which means I’m famous, Johnny A must’ve gotten a deal on the awards; he loaded up on them. I was expecting a “World’s Greatest Lover” award, instead it was a “World’s Worst Joke Teller,” award. Even Mr. Manny, the owner of the joint, got an award from Johnny A. He got an award because he hasn’t kicked us out of his sports bar, yet. 

COVID-19. Another struggle to live through. I didn’t catch COVID-19 yet, so all I had to talk about was the time I had the creeping crud I got three years ago, after eating a three-week old pizza. Dave K. actually had COVID-19. He said he got a couple of weeks off of work. Still, he said, “I’d rather be making the bucks instead of watching soap operas.”