7/5/21 Monday Cruisin’ Lockport


It was hot outside (the occasional breeze helped) and they were having electrical power problems at the get-go. Being a retired electrical engineer, I suggested they try plugging their equipment into a receptacle. They wound up using a portable electric generator. I was the only Tall Club Member to attend this event. I got to park in the Library Parking Lot, so I knew it wasn’t very crowded. They had about 12 Orphan cars there. Orphan cars are cars that are composed of various other car parts, like a Yugo body, Pinto Engine, and Vega Transmission, stuff like that. I asked a guy, “can I adopt that 1954 GMC Up-Me-Up Truck?” He said “sure for $22K. I replied what about $4K? He told me he was insulted, I said I’d give him an IOU if he had the title. He said, “You won’t need a title with this beauty.” “Probably because it doesn’t move,” was my retort.  I had to keep going at this point.

The Steve Edwards Orchestra was composed of 5 members. They attempted to sing a wide range of songs, like;- Bee Gee’s “You Should Be Dancing, Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”, Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World; Mustang Sally, and a Smokey Robinson Song of some-kind. They had around 12 dancers, which is pretty good for Lockport, which is primarily composed of “Redneck Swamp Stompers”. You want to be wearing steel-toed work boots dancing in Lockport. On my +5 Star scale, I’d give them +2 Stars. Even then they were a million times better than I sing, so my being a music critic is somewhat ludicrous.
Ace Reporter;-Tommy

7/6/21: Unannounced Lockport Bike Ride


Only two people attended this event; my sister Linda (Tall Club Wannabe, who has basically recovered from her knee surgery) and yours truly; we only went for a short 19-mile bike ride; pretty hot no breeze, almost too hot to honk! A guy passing us requested a honking demonstration, so I honked it up pretty good with my menagerie of honking devices, he gave me a high sign (not flipping the bird) as he passed. Parts of the trail have washed out due to the 10 days of rain we just had.

The ride went pretty well, except on the way back my front tire got stuck in a rut (due to being washed out) causing me to fall, since I was only going 16 MPH at the time I didn’t get hurt I finished the bike ride as planned, about an hour later, it was OUCH time, as long as I kept riding I was fine. My sister says, “see now you know how I feel after my knee surgery.” So I had to vacuum up around 20 bees in my apartment (I still have a beehive living in my attic) which was somewhat of a challenge with a stiff leg. I haven’t been stung yet, which I find amazing. I must be getting old because guys shooting off firecrackers when I’m trying to sleep, not that much fun like it was 55 years ago.

Ace Reporter